Image of Nautilus Cushion

Nautilus Cushion



Mary Warren's classic design for Sanderson, in Black, piped in the black, flipped with 100% wool felt for snuggleability. Also very absorbent if you've fallen asleep, drooling. Wool felt available in classy 50s mustard, modern grey mark and plain joyful sunshine yellow if you're of that disposition.

Rescued and re-cycled into cushions, this was an original piece of Sanderson fabric, but because of sun-wear it has some fading. Beautiful, but vintage. Or, should that be, beautiful AND vintage? Like, umm, Sandra Bullock. Yeah?

New foam inner. Approx 40cm x 40cm. Unzipped.

Made in Bristol. Absolutely not by elves. Collection in person will not only refund your postage costs but entitle you to a tour of the sweatshop, I mean, *studio*, and possibly some bombay mix.

Get in touch for a DISCOUNT on purchasing a pair.

BTW, I'm sorry about the postage but IT COSTS A FORTUNE. Come and pick it up!

  • Image of Nautilus Cushion
  • Image of Nautilus Cushion